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Teresa Brittain, Colin Colverson, Steve Layendecker, Matt Lindsey, Tiffany Murray, Eric Myers, Matt Stone , Candice Strickler, Janet Swift, Melinda Tilley, Martina Ward, Sharon Youngs (moderator), and Carolyn Krause (clerk).

Christian Education

Matt Stone and Martina Ward, co-chairs
Teresa Fulcher, Pete Johnson, Rosalyn McKeown-Ice, Peggy Terpstra

Congregational Care and Welcome

Candice Strickler and Mimi Tilley, co-chairs
Sue Byrne, Bob Cantrell, Mary Childress, Gretchen Drane, Lou Dunlap, Vivian Jung, Linda Fall, Gail King, Margaret Ann King, Phyllis Phillips, Shirley Sauls, Anna Robinson, Susan Sharp


Colin Colverson and Matt Lindsey, co-chairs
Richard Alexander, Robert Clausing, Jeri Duke, Gene Ice, David Mullins and Dan Terpstra

Human Resources

Teresa Brittain, chair
Steve Layendecker (second Session member)
Louise Dunlap (member representing congregation)


Candice Strickler, chair, Colin Colverson, second Session member;
Three members elected by the congregation: Jeri Duke, Rosalyn-Ice, Anna Robinson

Property & Maintenance

Anne Backus and Steve Layendecker, co-chairs
Jere Duke, Chuck Hadden, Dale Hadden, Sydney Murray, Dan Terpstra, Lewis Phillips, and Paul Akers

Social Concerns

Janet Swift, chair
Daisy Campen, Bob Cantrell, Rosalyn McKeown Ice, Gail King, Phil King, Carolyn Krause


Tiffany Murray, chair
Anne Backus, Jenny Lindsey, and Sharon Youngs (ex officio)


Eric Myers, chair
Judy Greeson, Mary Mullins, Sydney Murray, Barbara Reeve, Susan Sharp, Dennis Strickler

The Pastor is an ex officio member of all session committees.

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