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Room 102 Renovation

This is a set of images showing the renovation of Room 102 in 2012 along with upgrading of the courtyard and removal of the old elevator.

The original front area

From above after clearing started

Machinery used to move larger debris

Elevator being removed

The elevator is now removed

The outside as it now stands - finished

Now the inside - our colorful old kitchen

Kitchen sink as it was

To the right of the sink

And further still

Storage in the rear, second sink on right

From second stink back to first

This is where the old sink was

Storage area cleared and work on it is next

Work beginning on what was the storage area

Plastering in process

Plastering finished

Storage area now useable; floor tiled

Another view

Looking into the kitchen; remember how it was?

Meanwhile, out in Room 102 itself . . .

Gary looking things over

Installing the overhead loudspeakers

About finished

Gary giving it a final lookover

Dedication time

As set up for a Health Luncheon . . .

. . . or a staff party

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