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Organ Renovation

This is a set of images showing the renovation of our organ. They are in approximately chronological order starting with the examination of the old organ and progressing on through the presentation of the proposal, the dismantling of the old organ, construction and installation of new components, testing of the final machine and the recital.

March 2003 - Initial examination

How it was - behind the wall - left side

Right side

Chimes - operated by valves controlling air

Going down the stairs

We have had a flooding problem

Almost got the air-supply motor

Relay logic on the wall

Closer view of relays

Hear the chirps! Marginal valves

The presentation chalkboard

The presentation

October 2003 - After proposal acceptance, work starts

Boxes being fabricated...

...for shipping old pipes for refurbishing

Pipes off for refurbishing

Air pressure being measured

The pressure gauge

New parts are coming in

Measuring the existing space

How it was

How it was - closer

April 2004 - items coming in

Lots of items

Boxes are being built...

...so items can be stored in Room 6

Choir loft being turned into work area

A dust cover was made and placed on piano

The Great Chest

Pipes being removed

Pipes gone

Frame gone - note layers of paint

Supports being removed

All finished

Pipes being removed

Where those low notes come from

Six valves were stuck 'on' and were disabled by using that week's Bulletin

The electro-pneumatic chimes

Once treasure, now junk

Cutting the huge cable of wires from the console. No return now.

Air-supply motor again a victim of rain; now headed toward the junkyard

As it was mid-project

Room 100 is now a workshop

Panel with valve ('solenoid') drivers

Drivers, closer

Treble pipes as installed

Dan inserting one of the last pipes


Closeup of shutter motor

Typical of the boards

Valve drivers after wiring

Console after upgrade

September 2004 - Dan initial programming

Showing Richard some features


No more chirps

An early approval session

Richard making a point

Before the upgrade

Immediately after upgrade

Newspaper interview

January 2005 - Kerra opening the recital

Richard introducing Dan

Dan playing

Dan explaining the upgrade

Trio receiving ovation

Gentleman Dan

Reception afterwards

August 28, 2005 - Close up of the casework

Ready to install the new cross

Installing the cross

Finally finished - October 19, 2005

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