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Nursery Renovation

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This is a set of images showing the upgrade of the Nursery, starting in October 2015 and ending in February 2016.

Looking in the door to the nursery prior to the upgrade:

And after; note added shelves and changing station improvements:

Looking toward the south wall:

After the upgrade:

Looking back at the entrance:

See new shelves on north wall:

Here we see the north wall with a hint of the west and east walls:

See new shelves on north wall:

The southeast corner (changing station area):

After the upgrade, a bit closer:

The east wall:

See new shelves and cupboards on the east wall:

All of this painting and construction is not done by magic; it was done by a group of volunteers. Here we see some of that group:

Some of the shelving under construction:

The painters:

The younguns' seem to make good use of the upgrade :-)

"Before" photos by Megan Cadmus and Michelle Kirchenstiner.