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Fellowship Hall Renovation

Home Histories

This is a set of images showing the renovation of Fellowship Hall, starting on April 10, 2015 and concluding on May 4, 2015.

The northeast corner

After the upgrade

The kitchen wall before the upgrade

During upgrade; frame for closet on the right

The kitchen wall after the upgrade

The southeast corner before the upgrade

A bit closer

During construction; frame for closet visible

Kitchen closed off; finished storage closet on the right

South wall prior to upgrade

Southwall during construction

After upgrade

The northwest corner prior to upgrade


During the upgrade

After the upgrade

The stage (north) wall prior to upgrade

Stage area seen from room southwest corner

Stage area seen from room southeast corner

Work has started; the middle support column will be removed

Middle support column was removed, support beam now being raised

Support beam is now in place

Drywall up

Lighting on

Congregation examining the floor carpeting samples

Carpet squares being installed

The kitchen - these are before/after pairs

New cabinetry, new stove, better lighting:

Old stove, new stove:

September 2017 - Newer one with improved safety features

From the southeast corner

South wall

Even the kitchen had ductwork cosmetic improvement

Kitchen storage closet inside view

Pastor Sharon and the crew explaining the upgrade

New overhead lights, new chairs - Thanksgiving 2015

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