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70th Anniversary Banner

This page documents the work that the "Quilting Ladies" did to make a special banner for the church's seventieth anniversary, June, 2015.

February 10, 2015 - Basic concept discussion

Initial design closeup

After some refinement

Roman numerals will go near the bottom

Here is how we are going to cut the pieces

Teacher Mimi: "OK everyone, we have a learning moment"

Sewing a square

Measure twice . . .

Trim once

Flip to see the finished square

Add the piece to the stack

Vivian sewing

Anna sewing

Sandy sewing

Gail sewing...

Kay sewing...

Candice sewing...

Anne cutting

Factory workers on a break

Frances sewing on a corner...

...and here it is

Sandy cutting

Pieces are accumulating

Checking things



When sewn together this is how it will look

Smiles from the workers! Paper backing to be removed, quilting remains.

A paper-pulling party to remove the paper backing

Melinda 'Mimi' Tilley doing the final quilting

(Click for high-res image)

As it now appears in the rear of the sanctuary.
Other banners may be placed below this one.

FIN ! - The 70th Anniversary Banner

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